Most recipe websites have static recipes that are submitted by users. However, the process of creating really good home cooked meals is dynamic. A good cook will add a little of this, and a little of that, things that aren't necessarily specified in the recipe, and sometimes things that you wouldn't normally think to add. To my knowledge, no website has really captured this process. No matter how good the searching mechanism, or how pretty the site, it all boils down to a static listing of a user submitted recipe.

I propose that we create a website that displays a recipe map. Specifically, it uses user submitted recipes to generate correlation data between the ingredients in the recipes. This will allow a user to select one or more starting ingredients, and then personalize their recipe using the map as they go.

The alpha page above has a network-like UI, although I would really like to change it to a wordle-like UI. It also only has a one level relational database. This means that it only considers the correlation between two ingredients in a recipe at a time. A more advanced recommendation system would include the full power set. However, having tried to generate the full power set, I have since realized that it will take up almost a terabyte of space. Since I don't have those kind of resources, I am stuck with only two at a time.

Thanks to AllRecipes for use of their database and Rateit for their rating plugin. This site is not yet meant to replace any other recipe website. It is only meant as a prototype to show that this proposal is possible. If I were to take this all the way, then I would not use AllRecipe's database to do so.